HackWeakEnd 2019

Building on the success of the maiden edition, in April 2018, the 2nd edition of HackWeakEnd is gaining momentum. The 2019 edition addresses SDG3, SDG4, SDG8, & SDG9 of the UNDP's Sustainability Development Goals which focuses on good health and well being(which the hackathon will address issues affecting the Healthcare Sector), quality education via our training programme which will lead to decent job creation and sector and industrial innovation in various sectors. After a successful social media campaign poll, we are pleased to let you know that HackWeakEnd 2019 will focus on looking at ways to creatively solve problems affecting the Healthcare Sector in the Gambia. We are currently working with and engaging the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare, Healthcare practitioners, Partners, Sponsors and Industry Experts and have come up with the theme and hacksets in which problems plaguing the Health Sector were identified and have been put into perspectives and ready to be solved.
This year's event will feature ;

  1. A Hackathon to solve issues affecting the Healthcare Sector in the Gambia.
  2. A Software Development training in Python for entry level enthusiats and mid-range developers.

HackWeakEnd 2018

HackWeakEnd Technology Event 2018 was held from Friday 27th April to Saturday 28th April 2018. It featured a Hackathon where participants creatively solved issues affecting the fishing sector in the Gambia and a software development training using Python programming language. Please use the link below to see what happened at HackWeakEnd 2018.

What is HackWeakEnd ?

HackWeakEnd, an initiative under the auspices of Open-Source Academy uses unique Hackathon1 series and technology based events to bring together tech people, industry/subject matter experts, stakeholders, students and enthusiasts to come up with compelling technological (hardware/software) and non-technological solutions to solve ills, issues and problems plaguing our societies. It is simply an initiative of using technology to “Hack2” the “Weak Ends3” over a Week end. As we know , technology is a driver of economies and sectors, for every non - tech solution, we will find ways of integrating technology into them, because sectors and industries that will thrive now and in the future are those that will successfully integrate technology into their processes. Our focus is in addressing and creating solutions to issues addressed in the UNDP's Sustainability Development Goals to make our world a better one to live in. Our goal is to drive real world solutions for real world problems.

1. Hackathon: Any event of any duration where people come together to solve problems.
2. Hack: Creative problem solving. (It does not have to involve technology.)
3. Weak Ends: Socioeconomic issues affecting a society.

Why HackWeakEnd?

Africa as a continent has many issues and problems affecting it. Some of these issues are by our own making whilst others are issues we are clueless about. As Africans, our destinies lie in our hands. We need to create solutions to our problems and not wait for outsiders to come in to profess and build solutions for us and then take the glory. The whole essence of “HackWeakEnd” is to make an impact in our societies by using technology and technology based events to build compelling technological and non-technological solutions to tackle the “Weak Ends” plaguing our societies.
As with its theme, "Hack the Problem, Create a solution, Impact our society", every year will be a unique event where the focus area will be different, this can be any industry e.g Fishing, Energy, Security, Farming etc. These focus areas will be based on societal issues that need quick solutions. HackWeakEnd will work with the Government, Organizations, Industry, Experts and Partners to come up with these yearly themes.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is a collective social responsibility of bringing people together to hack issues and problems plaguing our societies.

Our vision is to see that lives are changed, communities are made better and impact is felt through the issues that will be solved.

2019 Focus & Theme

The focus for 2019 which is the 2nd edition is on the Healthcare Sector and the theme is “Good Health, the Wealth of a Nation”. The healthcare system in Gambia is built around 3 levels which are Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. Primary care services in the country are patient centred due to the shared cultural, religious and social values that exist within the community in which the service provider resides. The 2019 Budget estimate by the  Government of the Gambia allocates about 4.09 % of its national budget to health which is about D1.035 billion from a total budget of D25.28 billion. The major achievement of the sector is the high immunization coverage rate of 97%, which has led to a decline in childhood diseases and one of the best in the region. There is no formalized system for the sector to regularly monitor quality of service. However, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has identified quality issues as a challenge to work on within its new policy. One of the major challenges in the health sector is the rapid turnover of staff, which leads to lack of institutional memory and expertise. The presence of nongovernmental organizations in the health sector could be further harnessed to yield positive results on the health of the people. (Access Gambia, AHO, Foroya).
Date: The event will hold in the last weekend of April (Friday 26th & Saturday 27th) 2019.
Venue: TBD.

Hack Sets

Hack sets are the focus areas in an industry which solutions will be based on. Every year, there will be different Hack Sets depending on the industry of focus. With support from the Government, Organizations, Industry, Experts and Partners e.t.c, the Hack Sets will be based on real life, visible issues and ills that need solutions. This year we have worked with the Ministry & Depaartment of Health in the Gambia, Industry and Subject Matter Experts and Practitioners in health to come up with several issues and problems plaguing the sector. These have been categorized into three themes we tagged DeEW.
Participants will be required to work on any of the Hack Sets below or any other relating to it.

Delivery & Efficiency

Solutions focusing on improving healthcare delivery & efficiency.


Solutions focusing on improving patient experience.


Solutions focusing on promoting wellness, awareness and education.

Prizing for Top 3 Teams

Our prizing is always designed to reward creativity and help push the top teams and their winning ideas to market/beneficiaries quickly , also looking at the right market fit. At this moment, we are working on prizing and if you think you want to support us in this quest, please let us know. They can be any of the below:
  • Hardware devices (this will be based on team numbers). E.g. Tablets, phones, gaming consoles, watches, IoT stuff, drones, etc.
  • Cash is nice, but not necessary.
  • Experiences - tickets to shows, concerts etc, a team lunch with an investor or partner who could help the team advance their product through advice and mentorship.
  • Credits/services from sponsors/partners, e.g. AWS credits, 12 month subscription to service X, Cash Vouchers from supermarkets etc.

Participation and Registration

We will be having a Hackathon which will focus on the issues and ills affecting the Healthcare sector in the Gambia where tech people, industry experts etc come together to build tech and non tech solutions.
Another component will be a training to expose enthusiats and those wanting to know how programs, software and coding works to technology using the all purpose and versatile Python Programming language.

To participate in the hackathon as a solution developer or to attend the training, or you just want to see how Hackathons and tech events work, you are required to register.
Please use the appropriate link below

Hackathon Participation

For those willing to participate in the hackathon to create solutions for issues affecting the HealthCare Sector

Software Development Training

For those willing to kickstart their software development careeer .


* Please be sure to read the Code of Conduct and the Terms & Conditions .

HackWeakEnd Merchandise

Proceeds from the HackWeakEnd merchandise will go to a social cause to help push technology implementation in local communities.
Please support this social cause by buying.
Contact us to get your own custom HackWeakEnd merchandise, Thank you.

Partners & Sponsors

The generosity and love from partners & sponsors cannot be overemphasized and it went a long way to help us achieve these collective responsibility.
We are very much open to partnerships and sponsorships for this year's event

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